Hey, I get it; money's tight but the idea of going to see Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato in concert this summer is just TOO delicious to pass up.  Okay, here's one way you can pull this off AND save money in the process.  

Step 1: find a date.  Going solo is lame, and a little creepy.

Step 2: Ask your friend if he or she has a date, too.  Third wheels make dates awkward for everyone.  

Step 3: Now that YOU have a date, and your FRIEND has a date, you have a foursome for a concert road trip.  And through 2:59am Tuesday, March 29th, or while tickets last, now you and your crew can buy four tickets for the price of TWO!  Sweet!

I'll defer now to Nick and Demi who'll explain this all to you.