The Ron Show

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The Ron Show

He's so unpredictable, even he doesn't know what he's going to say sometimes before he just says it ... that's half the fun of tuning in. He's Ron - a beach resident since 2007 and lifelong southerner. He's new to the whole "marriage" thing but did enjoy a long-term commitment with his cat, Bailey, for over twent years, before having to say goodbye in April. Now, there's a 15 lb purring beast named Herschel (did we mention he's a Georgia Bulldog fan?) tormenting anything scratch-able. in the house. Ron's a notorious Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons and Braves' fan, which means he's kinda used to the inevitable disappointing end to a season. But he doesn't let that get him down when he's on the air.Unless there's a game on between 2 and 6:30pm weekdays. :)


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