Dr. Phil's bringing you-know-who back; how bow dah?

You wouldn't know it by the social media FRENZY of the last few weeks, but it's been since SEPTEMBER that one mischievous 13-year old girl graced the stage on Dr. Phil's daytime television show, making famous her catch-phrase "cash me ousside; how bow dah?"  Her exasperated mom had grown weary of the daughter's constantly stealing her (and other folks') car, credit cards and generally awful attitude.

Many memes, videos and gifs and clips - and even a hip hop song sampling her - later, Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli (did you even know her name?) will return to "Dr. Phil" for an episode MILLIONS will be glued to and DVR'ing.  The good doc shared the news on his show's Facebook page hours ago.



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