Thanks for the birthday love, y'all

Gotta hand it to my friends and listeners and co-workers ... y'all know how to make a guy feel loved.  Even the co-workers that call me "Tyrant Ron."  (eye roll).  Check out some of the social media love bestowed upon me yesterday for my fourth annual 39th birthday.

I had no idea Jeff ever called me 'tyrant Ron.' I thought that was just the goons on the Gator Morning Show.  Mmmkay.  ;) 


...and yet, I'm not feeling it. 

My friend Kevin posts this on all his friends' Facebook pages for their birthday.  He knows I gave up meat.  Jerk. 

Too soon.  

Did I mention I had given up meat?

Cats AND 'Star Trek.'  Highly logical.   My friend Austin, a radio guy back in my hometown of Augusta, snapped this awesome pic of his friend Atticus with Spock. 

I'm not saying the idea of becoming the "crazy cat lady" guy sticks with me, but I AM saying "two is plenty."  For now.

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