Shawn Mendes isn't NEW to acting, ya know ...

I mentioned earlier in the show that Shawn Mendes is going to test out his acting (and singing, we presume) chops for a 'Summer of Love' musical; but when I threw in a little nugget about him having ALREADY done some TV acting, a couple of co-workers were like "wait; what?"

Oh yeah; back in 2015 Shawn had a cameo in the third season premiere of the CW's cult hit, "The 100."  By the way, if you aren't watching, BINGE past seasons on Netflix, then watch Thursday nights on CW21, WWMB.  You'll thank me later. 

In the scene, he played a sticky-fingered 'Ark' survivor who overcame the crash from space of the space station to earth who got caught trying to snag some precious metals and was made to sing for it, to which he (duh) did, covering a Violent Femmes song, entitled "Add It Up."


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