Is this our first Grand Strand shark bite of the season?

Every year, some random gator sighting or jellyfish sting or - THIS!!! - happens and I swear off swimming in ocean, lake or Intercoastal Waterway water.  It usually happens mid-summer, though; not in APRIL!  Mannnnn....

ABC 15/WPDE is reporting that a man swimming off a beach in nearby Debordieu, not far from Pawleys Island, felt something "grab" (grab?!?!?) and then bite him on the foot!

Chief Doug Eggiman, with Midway Fire & Rescue told ABC 15 "He did have wounds on his foot consistent with a bite, but we don't know what bit him."

Get more on this story HERE.  Then let's figure out how I'm gonna work up the courage to get in the water this spring or summer.  

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