Uh oh; another plane removal incident. This time, it's a Delta flight

Here we go again; another passenger, believing he was completely within his rights as a consumer, objected greatly to being asked to leave a plane he'd bought a ticket for aboard a Delta flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee.  

The reason?

He asked to pee after waiting for the plane to take off and said departure being delayed.

To his credit, Kima Hamilton didn't lose his cool, and to their credit, airline and airport security personnel kept their calm, too, but the incident led to the plane returning to the gate at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta where every passenger was made to deplane, and Hamilton was partially refunded and told to make alternate travel plans without them.

Nearby passengers Mike & Krista Rosolino captured videos of the encounter.

Hamilton, traveling alone, was met by FBI agents and airline personnel.  All because he had to pee, thought he could, on a plane not moving, being delayed for takeoff several times.  

Not only were the Rosalino's sympathetic, most passengers seemed to be, as well. More on the story from WXIA-TV (11 Alive) HERE.

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