You won't believe the progress made on repairing the collapsed I-85 bridge in Atlanta

When I saw the photos WXIA-TV (11 Alive) shared today, I was stunned!

Here in Myrtle Beach, it's taken years for a much simpler (at least it appears it was, anyhow) overpass to come together on U.S. 17 Bypass at SC-707 (the "back gate") and goodness knows the U.S. 17 Bypass overpass at Holmestown & Glenns Bay Roads can't come fast enough, either. 

In Atlanta, though, where average commute times were ALREADY roughly 30 minutes long without severe weather or road closures, the need to hoist an overpass on a key artery seems greater, and darned if workers there aren't slapping the I-85 overpass near Piedmont Road back up with some expediency!

Check out their drone footage from just a week ago and look at the progress made in just a week!

Officials say they'll have it wrapped up "no later" than June 15th, too!  Can we get some of that here on the beach, please?

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