Y'all see the super-odd 'Ford' commercial buried in a 'Designated Survivor' scene?

I'll start by first saying we have a Ford Fusion in our driveway; we're also HUGE fans of ABC-TV's "Designated Survivor." 

Now that we have those two nuggets out of the way - what was UP with the bizarre (and nonsensical) product placement of Ford Motor Company's touting it's remote start app for their Fusion model in the middle of a scene in last night's episode entitled "Lazarus?

I counted; it took 12 seconds for the character in the show (FBI agent Hannah Wells, played by actress Maggie Q) to open her app, press the remote start button to crank up the car, then for a camera shot of the interior showing the car respond as it's supposed to. What made the placement make ZERO sense, logically, as it pertained to the show, was that it only took ten seconds afterwards for the character and her companion (agent John Forestell, played by Reed Diamond) to walk to the car and get in it. 

There was a scene earlier where agent Wells, fleeing gunfire in the woods with another FBI agent, was racing to another Ford vehicle (this time a shiny grey Explorer) where the placement MIGHT have made sense.  I mean, if you discount fleeing a hail of bullets and stopping to look at your mobile phone to remote start a vehicle. 

Watch for yourself and tell me if you don't have a similar "what was THAT?" reaction.  And keep in mind, agent Wells and her fellow agent had just wrapped up a tense but not "dangerous" conversation and were leaving casually.  It was just ... bizarre. 

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