Concert carnage; a brief history

Police Respond To  An Incident At Manchester Arena

New developments continue to happen in regards to the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, but this isn't the first time that a popular concert has ended in chaos and bloodshed. Here are some of the most notable concerts ending in catastrophe. 

  1. In 1969, during Rolling Stones' set at Altamont Free Concert in Northern California, four people were killed and over 850 were injured after the crowd grew out of control. 
  2. In 1979, during one of The Who's concerts in Cincinnati, 11 people were crushed to death and numerous were injured due to the crowd size.
  3. In 1991, during an AC/DC concert, three people were crushed to death by the crowd pushing forward towards the stage. 
  4. In 2000, Pearl Jam's concert in Denmark was marred by the death of nine people thanks to swelling crowd sizes. 
  5. In 2003, one of the worst concert catastrophes in recent history happened at a Great White concert in West Warwick, Rhode Island when 100 people were killed and over 230 were injured during a pyrotechnic-related accident.
  6. In 2004, a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio, took a disastrous turn when five were killed and three more injured by a shooter in the concert venue. 
  7. In 2006, a Korn concert in Atlanta ended in the death of one man after he got into an altercation with a fellow concert-goer.

- Brianna Prosser, Ron Show intern 

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