My reaction & thoughts, after Manchester

Being in radio for more than 26 years, I've been to a LOT of concerts. More than enjoying the performances for me, I get a lift out of the "energy" in the venue.  Fans, many who'd been camped out waiting to get in, all amped up about seeing someone or some band perform songs that meant something to them. 

There's something special about that energy.  That vibe.  That exileration that exists for a few hours in a few thousand fans' lives ... it's addicting; which explains why artists who really connect with their fans are quick to get out on the road and BE with their fans. 

Last night, a suicide bomber, trained and coerced by ISIS, forever ruined the concert experience for tens of thousands of young Ariana Grande fans - and any parents or older siblings or loved ones who went with them. And maybe, quite possibly, for Ariana, too.

I felt like sharing my thoughts earlier today on 'The Ron Show,' and I have the audio below.

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