Kathy Griffin fallout: is there a double standard because she's a woman?

Today, comedienne Kathy Griffin and her attorney, civil rights layer Lisa Bloom, finally spoke, after days of near unanimous shocking reactions to her photo shoot, depicting Griffin holding a beheaded Trump with blood coming from his eyes.

Bloom began their press conference laying the groundwork for her client's defense: chauvinism and many double standards.  Griffin followed with a good bit of defiance, claiming she was going to continue to go after politicians - even President Donald Trump.  "More," she said.  WATCH:

It made me hit Google to find the Marilyn Manson and GWAR references, and lo and behold ... 

I'll confess, I'm a fan of Griffin's stand-up comedy and I'm no fan of the Trump brand - and that disdain predates his foray into politics. So with that on the table, I'm curious ... why's Griffin's transgressions more serious?  

I don't remember NEAR the backlash when Marilyn Manson did it and I'd never even known this was GWAR "shtick" until this incident came up and it was referenced in the press conference. So with that, I think it's legitimate to ask why this incident is different for us, societally.

I'm asking an honest question and I'd ask for some respectful conversation and dialogue here so feel free to chime in - CIVILLY. 

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