Gleeked out: Chord Overstreet visited

Two confessions: 

1. I actually took the whole week off to sit around and do nothing as much as possible  I know  you heard me on the radio  technology allows me to still be with you without being physically on the job each day. I did, however, come in Thursday to meet a rising star musician  

2. I'm a GLeek.  There.  I said it.  

The rising star musician is Chord Overstreet - "Sam," from TV's "Glee." Now aspiring pop stars wanna visit all the time but often I would I make the "but I'm on vacation" blow-off and try and reschedule  for Chord, we GLeeks make exceptions.  

Check out some Insta cids and Snaps too! Then check out his new song "Hold On."  Love it  

Chord impersonations
Chord performing "Hold On"

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