Hooking listeners up with awesome prizes is a blast

Don't let my youthful looks (ha!) fool you; I've been in radio more than 27 years! I got started while in high school on the weekends, then while in college and six radio job moves later, I'm here. Actually I've been here for ten years as of this month. Time flies, right?

In that time here, we've given away THOUSANDS in cash, hundreds (perhaps a thousand or more) concert tickets, backstage passes, multiple flyaway vacations, top-tier "must have" prizes like iPads and more items than I can even remember. In my career I've worked at stations that gave away cars, too. Heck, one guy won a private 'Barenaked Ladies' concert and barbecue in his backyard for Father's Day. 

In short, when it comes to radio contests, I've pretty much done 'em enough to say I know what I'm doing; and having worked in markets bigger than Myrtle Beach, I'm kind of used to "shooting for the stars" when it comes contesting and prizes - which is why this station usually has a trip to Vegas for our iHeartRadio Music Festival to give away locally. It's why I like loading up a limousine with our listeners to see Justin Timberlake or Macklemore in Raleigh or TwentyOne Pilots in Charleston or Shawn Mendes in Columbia. I REALLY enjoy hooking loyal listeners up! I guess that's how parents feel making sure their kids' eyes are aglow Christmas morning, yeah? :) 

Sadly, that won't stop sore folks from complaining and concocting conspiracy theories that they've been cheated, but I sleep well at night knowing everyone who has won those major prizes I've helped hand out not only deserved to, but won 'em fair.  I brush the 'sour grapes' nonsense off. 

This weekend, McKayla Lopez and her fiance Justin (both pictured below) are in Vegas enjoying our iHeartRadio Music Festival, thanks to our partnership with Better Brands, Inc., and Corona. Like many winners before her, interacting with her in the weeks between her winning the trip and her boarding that plane this morning has been awesome. You literally couldn't ask for a cooler, more grateful winner. 

Oh, and she won $250 at the casino tonight, not long after she arrived in Vegas. NICE!

Anyhow, I'll be enjoying a quiet weekend here on the Grand Strand while those two are enjoying their two-night concert Vegas trip (and not much sleep, if I had to guess) then I'll be back at the office Monday working on the next big prize(s) we can connect our loyal listeners with.

I hope this post doesn't come off too "braggy;" that's not the intent. I'm just enjoying our job "well done" here (Thanks Aubrey! Thanks Trisha! Thanks Atwood! Thanks, Corona & Better Brands!) and getting excited about our next big thing. That's just how I'm wired.

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