Naya Rivera Slams Paparazzi For Waiting Outside Toddler Son's Gym Class

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Naya Rivera is slamming the paparazzi. On Wednesday, the actress lashed out over paparazzo photographers allegedly staking out the children’s facility where her toddler son, Josey, takes a kids’ gym class.

Rivera first expressed her dismay on Tuesday night, tweeting, “Dear paparazzi, I have a license to conceal. Stay off my f**king street.” One day later, it seems the situation has escalated with photographers not just monitoring the star’s home, but also tracking her outings with her 2-year-old son. In a series of tweets, Rivera posted on Twitter, “It’s a shame and disgusting when a grown man follows my son and I to a toddler gym class and then waits with a camera behind a bush.”

“How is this legal?!” Rivera asked. “To wait in front of someone’s house and drive to a children’s facility to take pictures of nothing. Toddlers and their parents are leaving a class. No one should have to deal with these creeps.” Many celebrities have expressed similar sentiments over the years. Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry, in particular, have objected to paparazzi taking photos at their children’s schools and have spoken to legislators in hopes of barring the practice.

In addition, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard started the #NoKidsPolicy, which calls on media outlets to only feature sanctioned picture of celebrity kids. The couple’s hope was that if publications stopped buying unsanctioned paparazzi photos of young children going about their everyday, non-famous lives, the photographers would stop taking such snapshots. Unfortunately, while a number of places, including Gossip Cop, embraced the initiative, a disturbing amount of other gossip outlets did not. In fact, earlier Wednesday, Star published a cover featuring a paparazzi photo of 11-year-old Suri Cruise, leading a rep for Katie Holmes to tell Gossip Cop, “It’s unfortunate [the publication] put a child, who is a private citizen, on the cover.”

It’s possible there is extra interest in Rivera right now because the “Glee” star recently called off her divorce from Ryan Dorsey, with whom she welcomed Josey in 2015. But whatever the motivation, it’s hard to believe any reason justifies following a child and waiting for them at kids’ gym class.

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