This Teen Looks So Much Like Lady Gaga She Could Be Her Twin

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An 18-year-old in California who is not related to Lady Gaga looks a heck of a lot like the singer. Her name is Amethyst Rose and she's becoming incredibly popular on Instagram in part because of her resemblance to Mother Monster. 

I'm so excited for my human hair wig to get here! I think I'm going to dye it pastel pink? I'm not sure yet! Lol

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Amethyst is aware of their similarities, writing in her bio, "If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga I'd be V rich."

So the other day I counted how many lady Gaga comments I've gotten because I always joke that if I had a dollar for every time someone had called me that I'd be rich and it was 677. 677 hypothetical dollars which is rich to me. That's of course not including the pictures I have deleted or in person comments. But this was the first picture where people really started noticing lol. Also I freaking miss summer already

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Gaga hasn't yet commented on her doppelgänger, but if Amethyst's popularity continues to rise, she just might. 

Sorry that I'm not posting new content I've been actually pretty busy! lol but I will start again soon! Thanks for all the support and love and sorry I'm so annoying about the articles im just so flabbergasted! Here's Christmas lights wrapped around me for the holiday season lol

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