Big Al Blog: Wish me luck!

I’ve been off Bumble for a day or so. It’s not going well. But since I don’t have anything else going on, I guess I’ll try swiping again for a day. Wish me luck.

I have worked out for 2 days in a row. Hopefully, I can make it 3. But I do have to say thanks to the guy that had the proper protocol while I was getting into the hot tub. It’s tough enough getting into a hot tub when you’re naked. It’s even tougher when there’s another naked dude already in there. Homeboy just looked down as I entered the tub. My Man!

I finally really realized what it’s like to try to become a regular at a bar. I went to this new place right down the street. Yes, I own a bar. But I can’t eat there EVERYDAY. I want to change it up sometime. I arrived and as soon as I ordered my first drink, the bartender told me he was about to go on break. So, obviously, I wouldn’t be starting a new (bar) relationship with him. The “fill in” bartender came around and made one swoop and he then went to talk to another person at the far end of the bar… away from all customers. Ok, that’s fine. Then, a couple of people sat down but they were like two seats away on both sides. And that’s fine as well. But when you sit at the bar, don’t you want to talk to people? Otherwise, you could sit at a table. I finished my first and only drink and went back to my regular spot!

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