What would be in your "play room?"

CBS Late Late Show host James Corden had 'Fifty Shades' actor James Dornan on the show, recently, and had a HILARIOUS take on the movie franchise's "playroom" scenes with a legit "playroom" ... FILLED with toys. Train toys.

That got me to thinking ... what would be in MY play room, if I had one with cool toys I'd still want to play with.

I liked train sets when I was kid, so that would be cool. I actually enjoyed building elaborate buildings with LEGOs and blocks and erector sets, too. Ahh! Hot Wheels! I legit laid out whole city scapes with shoe boxes and whatever I could get my hand on to race around my Hot Wheel vehicles! 

So what would be in YOUR "play room" if you could still have a bunch of toys you enjoy(ed) playing with?

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