Okay, Fergie's anthem wasn't "good," but have ya forgotten what "bad" is?

Fergie put her own twist on the national anthem before the NBA All Star game over the weekend, and social media was merciless in reaction. 

For her part, she says 'I tried my best,' and for that, we have to just say "ehh, okay." 

But if we're being real, here, people pummeling Fergie are going overboard. It was ... "unique." It was ... "different," but it wasn't the worst rendition ever. No, that honor could belong to ...

Rosanne Barr (July 26, 1990 for the MLB San Diego Padres

American track & field multi-medal Olympian Carl Lewis, before a 1993 regular season NBA game featuring the New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls. 

There's more to "listen" to ... 

Here's her "interesting" performance from last weekend.

Incidentally, she's sung the anthem  before, at a 2011 NFL game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins, for whom she's a minority owner. This was pretty good, actually. So we KNOW she knows how to sing it. 

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