I get asked this question a lot!

Almost EVERYTIME that I'm at a remote or see someone I know or a listener in public, the question always arises, "Do you listen to the songs on your station all the time"?! 

The answer is no! I'm sure that you can agree that listening to the same songs over and over will wear them out to the point you wont ever want to listen to them again lol.

So I've put together MY top 9 songs of the day. What you would find me listening to in my car on my daily commutes!

#9 Ill Mind Of Hopsin 8- Hopsin

#8 Sublime- What I Got

#7 Ludacris- Grew Up A Screw Up

#6 T.I. Ft. Justin Timberlake- Dead And Gone

#5 Max Ft. Gnash- Lights Down Low

#4 NF- Intro

#3 Eminem- 313

#2 R-Kelly- Gotham City

#1 Russ- I'm Here

***Explicit Language***

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