Lip Sync 4 P!nk: Guess who's doing a number at the finale?

These past few Wednesday nights, we've been participating in a fun "lip sync battle" style contest to award one local with a trip to see P!nk in concert, April 25th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Looked like fun on TV so - why not, right? 

Well, it HAS been fun; so much fun that I've been quietly sitting on the sidelines KINDA wanting to join in. And now, our moment has arrived!

By "our" I mean Atwood (from Atwood@Night) and I. I gave him no choice really, but the good news is, while we're doing a P!nk song, too, at the finale March 14th at Pulse Ultra Club, only one of us has to play the role of "P!nk" in the song.

Guess who?

All for a worth cause, too (or else I'd probably say 'ehh, I'm good.')! My long time friend Randall Jones is participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle fundraiser a 545 cycling event taking place this summer between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This marks his third year doing it, and has again set a fundraising goal of $10,000.00 to benefit the L.A. LGBT Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation. He's raised a little more than $7,000.00 at publishing time, so we're going to help him close the gap (we hope).

If we help Randall reach his goal by showtime next Wednesday night (10pm at Pulse Ultra Club), then Atwood and I will hit the stage with our rehearsed number.

If you want to see that happen (and yes, we'll stream it live on Facebook and share here later, for those who can't attend), it's simple: DONATE HERE!

Now if you'll excuse me, we have some rehearsing (and dress & shoe fitting) to do.


Oh, and here as some LIPSYNC4P!NK performances from some of our finalists these past few weeks. Enjoy!

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