ST5: Tia Booth Furious After Becca Kufrin Announced As Next Bachelorette

With all the women coming out in the #MeToo movement, Terry Crews wanted us to know that he, too, had been the victim of a sexual assault. Terry filed a police report claiming an agent at William Morris grabbed his junk at a Hollywood party right in front of his wife. But TMZ has learned that the DA’s office has rejected Terry’s criminal complaint against Adam Venit because the case didn’t rise to felony level because Adam didn’t make contact with Terry’s skin. And because this is now considered a misdemeanor, the case is barred by the statute of limitations because Terry waited longer than a year to file the police report.

We told you yesterday how Kourtney Kardashian and her hot young boyfriend Younesunfollowed each other on Instagram and then she deleted her account only to put it back up and now they’re both following each other again. BUT! Interesting to note that Scott Disick has now unfollowed Sofia Richie! Sources told Hollywood Life that Scott is crazy jealous of Younes and would drop Sofia in a heartbeat to get back with his babies mama. So maybe by unfollowing Sofia, he’s sending a message to Kourtney that if she’s toying with the idea of dumping Younes, he’s ready to take her back.

Our hearts go out to Chrissy Teigen on the loss of her beloved dog Puddy. She posted about it yesterday, saying, “Today our baby, Puddy, has gone on to the pup heavens. John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing. 10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel…” She continued, “It’s true what they say. We are their entire lives and it is the greatest shame that they can only bless us with a short spark of time in ours.” She also reminded everyone that Puddy is survived by his wife, Pippa, and posted a picture of the happy couple on their wedding day.

Royal Wedding update!! May 19th will be here before we know it! And Meghan Marklewanted to take care of one thing before she walked down the aisle — she was baptized into the Church of England in a private ceremony Tuesday evening. Meghan wasn’t required to do this in order to marry Prince Harry, but she wanted to show respect to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who is the head of the Church of England. Of course, Harry was there for the baptism, along with his dad and stepmom, Prince Charles and Camilla. Meghan was confirmed immediately following the baptism, so now she can take part in Holy Communion. Meghan was raised Episcopalian and went to Catholic high school. Her first marriage was to a Jewish man, but didn’t convert for him.

And because I haven’t gotten “The Bachelor” out of my system just yet is reporting what I believe to be true. Tia Booth is ticked off that Becca was named the Bachelorette instead of her, and she blames Arie. A source said, “I could tell Tia was trying really hard to be happy for Becca during the ‘After the Final Rose’ ceremony, but deep down she knew it was so close to being her, and she can’t stand it.” Before Becca was dumped so painfully, everyone — including Tia! — assumed she was a shoe-in for Bachelorette. But America embraced heartbroken and humiliated Becca, so producers had no choice to give her that spot. The source says Tia “hates Arie so much more now since he ruined her chance at being the Bachelorette.” Season 14 of “The Bachelorette” premieres on May 28.

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