Check out Hayley Kiyoko & her "Curious" beats

In a recent 'Soul Sisters' podcast from, Hayley Kiyoko let it rip. 

"Every video or movie that I watched that involved any kind of romantic story between two women ended in suicide or made me feel terrible about liking girls." 

While growing up not finding that idol that said "This is how I am and I'm gonna make out with girls and just own this sh*t," Kiyoko is, instead, vowing to be that way herself: unabashedly who she is while blossoming as a singer before our very ears, too.

Her new album "Expectations" drops March 30th, but we also spotted a bonus cut of her debut single "Curious" (heard on Mix 97.7 often, by the way) via Sweater Beats' remix. Listen below!

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