Conor McGregor...... I WAS a fan...

You know, it's hard Not to root for the guy that had the rough come up and is doing BIG things that have never been done before in the world of sports/MMA. 


Then they start acting out of pocket. They make a whole lot of money (in this particular case, about 150 million in an hour), and start acting like they were never a World Champion and an inspiration to not only kids, but adults alike around the world. 

Conor Mcgregor is a prime example. When this dude burst on to the UFC scene he took the world by storm. Predicting how he would finish opponents and even what round he'd do it in, time and time again. But as of late, he's done nothing but show how childish he can be. 

UFC 223 is upon us this Saturday night on PPV. And a teammate of Conor's is fighting on the card and had an altercation with another fighter Khabib, who has had words with Conor on multiple occasions. That altercation led to a lil slap from Khabib on the back of the head of Artem Lobov (Conor's teammate). 

In light of that Conor decided to show up to the Barclay's Center where UFC 223 is being held this Saturday, right after media day had wrapped up and the fighters were getting on their buses to go back to their hotels. Not only did he show up, but he brought approx. 20 friends with him and began destroying the bus that Khabib was in. Not only did they cause damage to the buses, but to some of the fighters that are supposed to fight on Saturday night, NONE of which, were the person he was looking for...


Video of incident and what UFC President Dana White had to say about it below.

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