Is 'The Walking Dead' nearly dead? Might be for me.

If you haven't watched the season eight finale of 'The Walking Dead,' I'll go ahead and warn you, there's spoilers. Wait til you've watched before reading any further.

I've been there since season one, pretty much from "day one," and I'm quite comfortable saying that, after last night, I might be okay walking away from the show that's owned many of my Sunday nights for the past eight years.  Why?

Two-fold; I'm okay with how things wrapped, and felt like that might've been written that way for us "old timers" who might be ready to head off into the sunset. Also, that scene at the end - with Maggie, Darryl and, of all people, Jesus, conspiring out of anger Negan wasn't offed when Rick left him for dead but ordered he be saved.  

That scene was poorly written, but that's beside the point. It just ISN'T at all relatable to the characters we've come to know over the years. Watch ... 

All this time we're led to believe Jesus wants to minimize carnage; we're constantly reminded of this in last night's episode, even, but now he's meeting with Maggie and Darryl to get revenge on Rick and Michonne for NOT killing Negan? So out of character. Yeah, sorry, but that all feels forced; but for whom? Long-standing fans of the show by and large believe it out of character not just for Jesus, but for Maggie, too. 

Rick's risked EVERYTHING ... himself and even Carl, remember ... to get Maggie to "the Hilltop" when her pregnancy was endangered. Who could turn on someone that way? And Darryl, who Rick called his "brother" in a poignant scene in season four ... he's on-board with retribution against Rick AND Michonne?

Minus that scene, this felt like it could've been a SERIES finale, really. A pseudo-quiet and peaceful and "fuzzy" ending. Which I might just go with. What about you?

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