I'm really digging Niall Horan's 2018 tour Spotify playlist

It's no secret that many pop stars don't themselves listen exclusively to just the genre they're noted for performing in. The same goes for radio DJs and the format of station their show airs on.  Ahem.

I mean, don't get me wrong; I REALLY like a LOT of what we play on Mix 97.7 but I also REALLY like a lot of stuff we wouldn't be playing, either. So when Niall Horan shared his 2018 tour Spotify playlist with Entertainment Weekly, I scanned it and thought "wow; he and I could share playlists and probably enjoy 'em."

Check out what he's listening to on repeat while on the road. Bonus points or throwing in that b-side by Bruce Springsteen from the 'Born In the USA' album I wore out on cassette back in 1984.

Niall Horan

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