DAILY DOWNLOAD: Cardi B. f. Bad Bunny & J Balvin | I Like It

She may not have known Donald Glover and 'Childish Gambino' were the same person, but let's cut Cardi B. some slack. She's been recording, touring, promoting and she's done a lot of that all while dealing with her pregnancy, so we can at least chalk it up to "pregnancy brain," right?

Anyhow, she may well have crafted the "hit of the summer," with this take on the Blackout All-Stars' 1994 song; check out "I Like It." 

Y'all listen & tell us what you think! You can hear it around 1:45pm and/or 4:35pm today or check it out below now. Then tell us what you think!  Feel free to tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! You can always dial in with your reaction at (843) 293-9797, too! 

Cardi sampled this obscure almost-hit from 1994 by the Blackout All-Stars ... 

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