ST5: Kim Basinger & Priscilla Use Dead Dogs to Protest

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Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams has checked herself into a mental health facility. Rather than try to hide the fact, she wants the world to know that there is no shame in getting help. She posted a message on her Instagram saying, “I recently listened to the same advice I have given to thousands around the world and sought help from a great team of healthcare professionals.” Michelle has openly spoken about her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. Now, she’s leading by example. Beyonce’s mom, Tina Lawson, responded, saying “I love and support you with all my being.” And Missy Elliott tweeted, “I want to lift our sis up in prayer because there are so many people battling this & many trying to deal with it alone. Please No jokes this is REAL & as human beings let’s keep the ones who are openly dealing with it uplifted & be encouraging to them! Love u.”


Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child has checked herself into a mental health facility to seek help for her struggle with depression.

2:45 AM - Jul 18, 2018

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If he lies about one thing, what else is he lying about? If you’ve been watching “The Bachelorette,” you saw the football player virgin Colton tell Becca that she’s the first woman he’d brought home to meet his family. Oh yeah? Well, what about your ex-girlfriend, Aly Raisman, Colton?? Yes, Colton dated the Olympic gymnast a couple years ago and seems to have forgotten that he brought Aly home to celebrate CHRISTMAS with his family!! Some suspicious members of Bachelor Nation did a little digging and turned up a photo that Colton’s sister posted on Christmas Eve 2016. There’s Colton and Aly in matching pajamas surrounded by his family, and sister captioned it, “Happy Holidays from our family to yours.” Mm-hmm………..It ultimately doesn’t matter because Becca booted Colton after Tia revealed she had feelings for him. And we’ll see if those feelings turn into anything whatsoever when Tia and Colton reunite on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The Blast@TheBlastNews

Colton Underwood told Becca Kufrin she was the first woman he brought home to meet his family – but there's proof that title belongs to his ex, Aly Raisman. 

8:00 PM - Jul 17, 2018

'The Bachelorette's' Colton Underwood Caught in Relationship Lie

Colton Underwood led Becca Kufrin to believe she was the first woman he had brought home to meet his family ... unfortunately, family photos prove that title actually belongs to his ex-girfriend,...

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Niall Horan had a 3-day break from tour, so he flew over 2000 miles from Mexico City to New York City to see about his girl! Hailee Steinfeld as performing at Radio City Music Hall, and Niall wanted to be there to support her. So after his concert in Mexico Saturday, he flew to NYC, hung with Hailee for a couple days in her hotel, and then hopped on another plane for Houston, where he has a show tonight.


Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld Spotted in New York City on Rare Romantic Day Out Together 

3:43 PM - Jul 17, 2018

Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld Spotted in New York City on Rare Romantic Day Out Together

Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld are still going strong

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We know Jay-Z and Beyonce have this thing about the number 4. So it makes sense that they won’t stop having babies until they have four, which means they have one more baby to go. But is she pregnant NOW?? A lot of fans think she’s dropping hints. One posted a video of her performing “O3 Bonnie & Clyde” in Paris, and Beyonce gently puts her hand on her tummy before she struts off the stage. And was it another hint when Beyonce posed in front of a number 4? And how about she she wore a shirt with “Carter 4” on the front?? Only time will tell, because Beyonce isn’t telling… least for now.

E! News@enews

Baby number four? 

10:57 PM - Jul 17, 2018

Beyoncé Has Fans Buzzing Over Speculation She's Pregnant

Music superstar has yet to comment on the rumors as she continues her On the Run II Tour with Jay-Z

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Kim Basinger was trying to protest the South Korean dog meat market, but all Us Weekly wanted to ask her about was her niece Hailey Baldwin’s wedding to Justin Bieber. Kim told Us that Hailey has already picked out her bridal party, which includes Hailey’s sister Alaia and Kim’s daughter Ireland. Kim says she doesn’t really know Justin, but her daughter does, and she thinks he’s a cool guy. Kim said, “I think he’s come through a rough road. He’s a really cool kid. I pray for them. I hope they’re cool. I hope they’re happy! It’s wild! I think it’s wild!”


Kim Basinger and Priscilla Use Dead Dogs to Protest Korea's Dog Meat Trade 

6:14 PM - Jul 17, 2018

Kim Basinger and Priscilla Use Dead Dogs to Protest Korea's Dog Meat Trade

Kim Basinger held a photo of dead dogs to protest Korea's dog meat trade, but Priscilla Presley took it a step further.

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