Senior Shout-Outs!

Mix 97.7 and Georgetown Kraft Credit Union want to recognize our High School Seniors! If you're a part of the Class of 2020, record a voice memo on your phone using the following script, and email it to to hear yourself on the radio!

Hey this is ______ and I'm a senior at _________High School!  I'd like to say__________(this is your time here to say a message to whomever you'd like...shout out to a teacher, friends, give a senior quote, sports team, clubs, thank your parents, etc.)

For example: Hey, this is Jerry and I'm senior at Carolina Forest High School! I want to say "what's up" to my soccer teammates and thank them for a great season! Also, shout out to my best friend in the world, Chris! Thanks for always being there for me!  

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