My Latest Project! (UPDATE)

If you ask anyone that knows me, they'll tell you I'm not a drinker. I'll have MAYBE 20 beers within a years time. However there is one buzz I can't get enough of... A good ole TATTOO! Now, I'd like to make it clear (for any family that might be reading this lol), I don't plan on covering my entire body. So no worries mom and dad lol, BUT I do plan on covering my entire left arm and luckily for me, I know a GREAT artist by the name of Heath Whitten who works at THE BEST tattoo parlor around. And while you were reading that I can probably guarantee you already recited the name in your head. Yes, that's right, HERO Tattoo. I met Heath last year when I decided that the Atlanta Braves Logo that I had gotten on my chest when I was 19 by a marine on my uncle's couch...had to go! When I reached out on Facebook to get opinions on the best place in the Myrtle Beach/Conway area for help the response for HERO was overwhelming. Every name people commented whether is was Heath, Lenny, Jeff, Mac, Donnovan, Mike, Randy, or Jason it didn't matter. Because you can find them all at HERO whether it be their location in Myrtle Beach, or Conway! 

 So if you didn't know, I used to have dreadlocks. And during the years I rocked them, my mother always told me I looked like I had a lion's mane. So that's why there's a Lions head with dreadlocks on my chest now. Everyone might not approve, but it isn't everyone else's tattoo lol. And I couldn't be more proud of it. Pics of the process below!

That was after just the first session, then came some color!

And lastly, the finishing touches!

Now if that's not an amazing transformation, YOU'RE CRAZY! Or... a fan of the Atlanta Braves lol.

This time I approached him with a much easier task... Yet another cover up!  I've always been fascinated by space and the possibility of us NOT being alone in this universe. So I approached Heath with an idea to capture a few subjects I'm passionate about all in one sleeve. As a spiritual man I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth. The stars, planets, E.T's, the Milkyway, absolutely everything! 

That being said, my first tattoo ever was praying hands on my left arm. The tattoo artist was a bit intimidating and kind of an ass, so he just slapped it on and got to work, not really giving me time to tell him I didn't approve of the placement and size. So once again it's Heath to the rescue! He drew up a tattoo that will show the Heavens (that man can travel to anyways) alll the way down to the beach where I have spent my entire life. It's going to be one trippy, "out of this world" piece of art by the time we are done!

Although I'm only one session in to it I'm in love! Check it out!

That is JUST the outline and maybe a third of the black! Very much still in the beginning stages! I'll keep you updated after each session, meanwhile Heath or any of the guys at the HERO locations are a fine bet for your tattoo!

Progress has been made with session two is in the books! Most of the black is done! After that, bring on the color!

Take a look!

Coming along nicely! I'm too stoked to see the finished product! Heath and ALL the guys at HERO Tattoo in Conway and in Myrtle Beach do amazing work!

ps. I've confirmed, the elbow and the arm pit are a B****!! 

and check out that SWELLBOW! lol you can see the ripples in the side pic!


So we finished up the black today, and started on the color! 

Still a looonngggg way to go, but I'm trusting the process!

TOO STOKED and once again thanks to Heath at HERO Tattoo!

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